Class Levels – The Basics!

Preschool Ballet:  Ages 3-5 and fully potty trained

Kindergarten Ballet:  Must be actively enrolled in or having just completed Kindergarten in school.

Levels I-IV:  Assigned by grade in school or grade just completed

Level V-VIII:   Require audition for placement at the sole direction of the Instructors/Directors.  Please call 225-767-5814 to schedule a placement class.

Pointe (Level V-VIII): Placement into a pointe class is strictly at the discretion of the instructors and directors and is only considered at or above level V.  At this time, it will be determined if the dancer has achieved the appropriate strength, technique, and dedication to endure the demands of properly and safely dancing on pointe.  When promoted to a pointe class, the dancer must take a minimum of 3 ballet technique classes each week (in addition to the pointe class).  The age of a dancer or having danced en pointe at a previous studio does not guarantee placement in a pointe class at Dancers’ Workshop.  To ensure the safety of the dancers, each student is assessed thoroughly before placement en pointe is considered.

High School students with limited dance training:  Please consider taking one of the adult class offerings before being placed in a leveled class with trained dancers.  The adult class teacher can advise you on future placement.