Through experience we have found that dancers, particularly younger ones are less self conscious, focused and learning better when not observed during class.  We also know that every parent wants to watch their child dance.  It’s only natural, both from the standpoint of a proud parent and to see what you are getting for your money.  To provide a climate that encourages the dancers growth and allows parents to periodically see their child”s progress, we do the following:

  1. Class Observation

-Due to distractions caused by visitors, we do not allow observers into our studios during classes on a daily basis.  Dancers may try a single class (see price information), and parents of registered students will have assigned times throughout the year that are designated as Parent Watch Days.  Announcements for dates of Parent Watch Days will always be posted in advance at the studio, and each dancer is allowed 2 adult guests for these days.  Due to distractions created by small children, we respectfully request that siblings not be brought into studios for Parent Watch Days.  Video taping is permitted, and as always, cell phones and pagers should be turned to vibrate or off.

       2. Annual Informance

-The DW does not have an annual large scale recital.  The reasons for this are threefold: (1) Learning & rehearsing recital routines takes away a great deal of class time which we feel is better used  teaching the child to dance.  (2) The cost of a recital is substantial and that cost would be of course passed along to you.  Again, we think your money is best used teaching the child to dance, not on a very expensive recital.  (3)  As a dancer grows and wants opportunities to perform, The BRBT Youth Ballet and numerous performances by the BRBT are all available for the dancer if they and you are so inclined ( age 8 and up ).

-Instead, we present the students each year in a stage/class room setting designed to let the student  “perform” for their parents wearing normal class attire.  This gives them a chance to show what they have learned and gives the parents the opportunity to see progress from 1 year to the next.

-All students from 3 years old through level VI are required to participate in the Informance.  It is typically held at the LSU Union Theatre (on stage) in May.  This is not a recital.  Students wear their regular leotard and tights and demonstrate techniques learned in class.