Pre-School Ballet & Kindergarten Ballet

(3, 4, 5 year olds)

Class Length: 45 minutes

single class – $20 (must be paid prior to the class)

1 class/wk – $60/mo

2 classes/wk – $85/mo

3 classes/wk – $105/mo

4 classes/wk – N/A

Children’s & Adults’ Division

(Level I/II, Level III/IV, & Adult ballet)

Level I/II is comprised of 1st and 2nd graders, Level III/IV is comprised of 3rd and 4th graders

Class Length:  1 hour

single class – $25(must be paid prior to the class)

1 class / wk.  – $75/mo.

2 classes/wk. – $105/mo.

3 classes/wk. – $135/mo.

4 classes/wk. – $165/mo.

Pre-Professionals’ Division

(Levels V, VI, VII, VIII) (5th grade and up)

Class Length:  1 ½ hours

single class – $35 (must be paid prior to the class)

1 class/wk.     – $95/mo.

2 classes/wk. – $135/mo.

3 classes/wk. – $175/mo.

4 classes/wk. – $215/mo.

BRBT Company  and Youth Ballet (flat rate)

$215 for 4 or more classes/wk.


Registration Fees are $65 for new students and $45 for returning students.  Adult ballet student registration is $50 for the year.  All fees (including registration, tuition, and Informance fee) are non-refundable and non-transferable.  No exceptions!

Tuition is due at the first of the month.  Payments may be made online through our portal, Dance Studio Pro or in-person by check, credit card, or cash. A late fee of $10 will be assessed if not paid by the 20th calendar day of the month.  This is including holidays and weekends, and goes by the date that the payment/check is received in the office, NOT the date on the check.  Families wishing to avoid the late fee are encouraged to utilize our portal service, bring payments to the studio in a timely manner, or mail them to Dancers’ Workshop at 10745 Linkwood Ct. (70810).  We do not mail statements unless you are late with your payment.  It is the responsibility of each financially responsible party to pay tuition ON TIME!

The Informance fee of $115 is due November 1st.  All students through level VI are required to pay the fee and participate.  Students registering on or after November 1st must pay the fee with registration.

Students who withdraw must officially do so in writing or they will be considered actively enrolled and billed for that tuition.

 In-person payments may be made in cash or checks only.   NSF fee:  $35.

A signed, current Statement of Financial Responsibilities must be on file with the office of Dancers’ Workshop.

Continuing students are required to re-register each year.  This includes paying the yearly registration fee and filling out a new registration card, even if all information is the same.