Our Approach


Dance is intensely physical.  In fact, dancers bodies can suffer many of the same wear and tear problems that athletes do.    The two ways to eliminate or minimize stress injuries are:

  • Proper Training: Each dancer must learn and use proper technique at all times and proceed at their own pace as they advance thru the increasing degrees of difficulty of dance. The Dancers’ Workshop is both age-appropriate and technique driven, utilizing the principals of American Ballet Theatre’s training methods.  Dancers are evaluated upon entering our program to determine their appropriate level.

  • Properly Designed Dance Floor: Dance floors must be designed to absorb some of the abrupt shock associated with jumps and landings.  All of our studios are constructed with suspended wooden floors over a slab.  A wooden lattice between the dance floor and the slab provides resilience reducing the stress on the dancers body.  This is critical for the long term health and well being of the dancer.

“Dancers’ Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for both children and adults. I had 3 girls who learned to dance here , and the instructors provided sincere care and professionalism. As a student , they all had the chance to perform in the annual production of The Nutcracker which is a life changing experience. The workshops are designed to build skill and confidence. I give this program my highest recommendation.”

-Dr. Neva Cramer

“I highly recommend Dancers Workshop for all ages! I’m in my fifties and I have been taking the Adult class for now a little over 2 years. It is an excellent school and the teachers are very professional and educated. I look so forward to coming to class.”

– Lisa Young

Dance with us!